Address more Applications with Free Option Bundle for New SDS5000X Oscilloscopes

December 9, 2019

For a limited time, SIGLENT is including 7 software options at no additional charge with the purchase of a new SDS5000X oscilloscope.

Included are 4 serial decoding protocol options, function generator control, and the new power analysis function.

These options enable the user to conquer challenges with Automotive, Audio, Embedded and Power Electronics applications.

Combined with the wide variety of all standard features, the SDS5000X becomes one of the R&D and Test Engineer’s most powerful tools.


The bundle includes:

SDS-5000X-IIS: Decode I2S digital audio signals
SDS-5000X-FlexRay: Analyze Serial Flexray encoded signals
SDS-5000X-1553B: Decode Mil-1553B serial communications
SDS-5000X-CANFD: Analyze CANFD serial signals
SDS5000X-PA: Power Analysis activation license
SDS-5000X-FG: External Waveform generator control (Requires SAG1021/SAG1021I generator hardware, not included)
SDS-5000X-16LA: Digital/Logic/Mixed signal function activation license (Requires SPL2016 hardware, not included)

1. The SDS5000X series oscilloscopes must be purchased from an authorized SIGLENT representative, distributor, or directly from Siglent NA.
2. SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES reserves the right to all final decisions related to this campaign.
3. Please feel free to contact us:
4. All Offers are valid until June 30, 2020.