Get the MSO function bundle at 50% off when purchasing an SDS6000A series

January 1, 2022

Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (MSO’s for short) feature the ability to show both analog and digital signals using the same timebase. When combined with the MSO function bundle, the SIGLENT SDS6000A series oscilloscope can help R&D and Test Engineers accurately correlate and isolate the timing of digital and analog events.

For a limited time, we have created a new promotion for the SDS6000A series.

Purchase a new SDS6000A 1 GHz or 2 GHz model (SDS6104A/SDS6204A), and Siglent will offer the MSO hardware and software at 50% off!


Get the MSO function and save up to $445!



  1. This promotion includes SDS6000A 1GHz and 2 GHz models (SDS6104A/SDS6204A) only
  2. The SDS6000A series must be purchased from an authorized SIGLENT distributor
  3. SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES reserves the right to all final decisions related to this campaign
  4. Valid from January 1st , 2022 to March 31st , 2022
  5. This promotion is only available in North America
  6. Please feel free to contact us: