ISFE Isolated Front End

ISFE Isolated Front End


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Provides two channels of optically isolated inputs for use with oscilloscopes and other applications requiring an isolated ground.

Input Voltage Range: -600 Vpk – +600 Vpk

Bandwidth: <= 1 MHz

Attenuation Range: 200:1

Output Voltage Range: -3 Vpk – +3 Vpk

Input Power: 5 V +/- 5% (USB Power). <200 mA in steady state. During power up, the unit can draw > 1.5 A.

NOTE: We recommend using an external USB power supply if you wish to use the ISFE with devices that have protected USB output (< 1.5 A).

This includes the SIGLENT SDS2000X Plus and SDS5000X series. Devices with USB power less-than the prescribed amount can cause operational issues/nonfunctional ISFE.

Float voltage between Channel and ground: 1000 Vrms

Float voltage between each channel: 2000 Vrms

Input Resistance: 9 MOhm

View the ISFE Users Manual

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