Power Bundle Plus (7 kV/200 MHz AWG)

Power Bundle Plus (7 kV/200 MHz AWG)


The SIGLENT Power Bundles are designed to help provide all you need for power supply design and debugging in one simple part number.

Click the Power Bundle Datasheet for more information.

The Power Bundle Essentials Plus, 7 kV/200 AWG adds a power supply, DC load, and 200 MHz AWG to provide complete power supply characterization possibilities.

Includes the following:

  • SDS2000HD-16LA MSO function (software)
  • SPL2016 Logic Probe, 16-channel, 500MSa/s
  • SDS2000HD-FG 25MHz built-in function generator option (software)
  • SDS2000HD-PA Power Analysis: Power Quality, Current Harmonics, Inrush Current, Switching Loss, Slew Rate, Modulation, Output Ripple, Turn On/Off, Transient Response, PSRR, Efficiency
  • DF2001A Deskew fixture for voltage and current probes
    CP6030A 100MHz; Maximum continuous current 30Arms; Peak current 50A; Switching ratio:5A/30
  • DPB5700A 100MHz; Maximum input differential voltage 7000V(DC + Peak AC)
  • SRF5030T Three magnetic field near-field probe 30MHz ~ 3GHz
  • SPD3303X Power Supply Lan-Precision three-way power independently controllable output: 30V/3A X2, switchable 2.5V/3.3V/5V/3A
  • SDL1030X DC Electronic Load 300W;DC150V/30A,CC Dynamic Mode 25KHz ;current rise time range 0.001-2.5A/us; 1mV/1mA;3.5′ TFT-LCD; RS232/USB/LAN/GPIB
  • SDG6022X “200MHz; 2 channels; 2.4GSa/s;16bit; Arb-Waveform length: 2~20Mpts; function/arbitrary waveform output; EasyPulse and TrueArb technology
    modulation function(AM,DSB-AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PWM,Sweep,Burst); frequency counter function;PRBS generator; IQ signal generator (Optional)”
  • BAG-S2

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