SHS806 (New, Old Stock)

SHS806 (New, Old Stock)


Bandwidth: 60 MHz
Channels: 2
Max real time sampling rate: 1 GSa/s
Multimeter: voltage, current, resistance, etc. 8 functions
Isolation level: none
Memory depth: 2 Mpts

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  • Expired Calibration certificate
  • SN SHS08DAX4R0224

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The SHS800-series handheld oscilloscopes provide the user with an oscilloscope, multimeter, and recorder (including trends and waveform recorder) functions all in one package. It inherits the SHS1000 series stable performance and high performance along with the flexibility to use on a workbench or in the field.

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  • Expired Calibration certificate
  • Warranty is 3 year
  • SN SHS08DAX4R0224

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 15 × 8 in