Build FM NRSC masks for SIGLENT SSA3000X/SVA1015Xs using a Python script addition

February 12, 2020

Many broadcast applications require monitoring a transmitter and observing the output amplitude vs. frequency. For FM radio applications, a common mask is defined by the National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC) and is commonly referred to as the FM NRSC mask.

A very helpful SIGLENT owner, Dan from Alabama Broadcast Services, LLC, built an FM NRSC Mask tool using our original AM NRSC mask python code

This program was built using Python 2.7 and helps create masks around user-defined center frequencies.

Here is a link to the zipped download of the finished Python code:

NOTE: For NRSC transmitters > 500 W, the SSA3000X/X Plus/X-R/SVA1000X models may not be suitable due to DANL limitations when used with the recommended NRSC antenna.