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New OCP function added to SPD1000X series power supplies

SPD1000X series power supplies now feature an Overcurrent Protection (OCP) function to help protect devices from over-current situations. This feature was added with firmware revision Learn more by clicking on the operating tip below.


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New Data/Measurement logging, Time/Date stamp for four-channel X-E oscilloscopes

New enhancements in FW rev 6.1.37R2 and OS Rev 2 include data and measurement logging, time/date stamp for files, and Network Timing Protocol. See the attached video and application note for more details.

Four-channel SDS1000X-E

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SDM Dual display font size increased

SIGLENT SDM3000 series DMMs have a dual-display measurement function. The dual-display font size was increased in 2019/2020. See the attached operating tip for an example.

SDM3045X, SDM3055, SDM3055-SC, SDM3065X, and SDM3065X-SC

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New Serial Decoding protocol options (SENT, Manchester), waveform color selection, measurement thresholds, and more added to the latest SDS5000X firmware

New enhancements have been added to the SIGLENT SDS5000X series oscilloscope with firmware update revision 0.9.3R3, including: – SENT and Manchester decoding options – Custom waveform color selection – Totalizer – Bode plotting – Power analysis – Adjustable measurement thresholds – “Save All Channels” to CSV

SDS5000X Series

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Power analysis, Bode II, and advanced math functions added to the SDS5000X Series

The new flagship SDS5X scope was updated on 10.9.2019 with revision 0.8.7R1B1 that added power analysis (option), Bode II, a totalizer, and a new advanced math formula editor including multi-variable integration and derivation.

Power analysis is perfect for power supply designers that wish to evaluate the performance of their designs, while the Bode II analysis can help with phase/gain margins. The advanced math features allow users to view complex calculated results like instantaneous power quickly and easily.

SDS5000X Series

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VNA user interface update adds port extensions, user calibration, and markers for the SVA1015X

After beta feedback, SVA firmware version (released 06/01/2019) started off by adding port extensions, user calibration selection, and markers for the VNA measurements. This trend continues to the latest release (version released 11/11/2019) with optimized calibration, sweep speed, and simultaneous trace types to increase the SVA ease-of-use and power.


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Bode Plot to SDS1104X-E, SDS1204X-E, and SDS2000X-E Series Oscilloscopes

Frequency analysis curves are useful for evaluating device performance with respect to input frequency. A typical frequency response curve of a circuit element or device includes the amplitude and phase output with respect to frequency. This is also known as a Bode plot.

With firmware revision 6.1.20 released on 1/02/2018, SIGLENT integrated Bode plotting into the 4 channel SDS1000X-E and SDS2000X-E oscilloscopes. This provides automatic control and synchronization with any SIGLENT SDG or SAG series of generators for on-screen Bode plotting.

Revision 6.1.33 released on 5/5/2019 added variable level sweep control and other features to provide even more control and flexibility for customers performing phase/gain analysis on power supply designs.

SDS1104X-E, SDS1204X-E, and SDS2000X-E

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Adding TrueArb to SDG1000X Series

Traditional DDS generators can suffer waveform distortion as the output frequency increases. SIGLENTs TrueArb technology ensures that the output waveform matches the programmed waveform exactly and provides the ability to control the output sample rate by setting the samples/second exactly. First introduced on the mid-range SDG2000X series, it was further developed for the SDG1000X series of generators with firmware revision released 02.26.2019.


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