SNA5000A Vector Network Analyzer

  • Frequency Range from 9 kHz up to 4.5 GHz / 8.5 GHz
  • Setting Range of Output Level: -55 ~ +10 dBm
  • Dynamic Range: 125 dB
  • 2/4-ports: S-parameters, Balance Measurements, Time Domain
  • Measure: Q-factor, bandwidth and Insertion Loss
  • Power source calibration compatible with R&S NRPxxA/AN and Keysight U2000A/B series USB power meters
  • Compatible with several manufacturers ECal kits (contact us for more information)

Product Overview

SIGLENT SNA5000A Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) have a frequency range of 9 kHz to 8.5 GHz, with 2 and 4 port models available. Designed to give you instant insight into scattering, differential, and time-domain measurements. Siglent VNAs are effective instrumentation for determining the Q-factor, bandwidth, and insertion loss filters and feature impedance conversion, movement of measurement plane, limit testing, ripple test, fixture simulation, and adapter removal/insertion adjustments. There are five sweep types: Linear-Frequency, Log-Frequency, Power-Sweep, CW-Time, and Segment-Sweep mode. SNA5000A VNAs also support scattering-parameter correction of SOLT, SOLR, TRL, Response, and Enhanced Response for increased flexibility in R&D and manufacturing applications.

Series Frequency Range Ports Dynamic Range Trace Noise Range of Output Price
SNA5002A 9 kHz~4.5 GHz 2 125 dB 0.003 dB rms,0.03° rms -55 ~ +10 dBm $8,690 Request a Quote
SNA5004A 9 kHz~4.5 GHz 4 125 dB 0.003 dB rms,0.03°rms -55 ~ +10 dBm $16,490 Request a Quote
SNA5012A 9 kHz~8.5 GHz 2 125 dB 0.003 dB rms,0.03°rms -55 ~ +10 dBm $18,990 Request a Quote
SNA5014A 9 kHz~8.5 GHz 4 125 dB 0.003 dB rms,0.03°rms -55 ~ +10 dBm $28,590 Request a Quote

Key Features

  • Frequency resolution: 1 Hz
  • Level resolution: 0.05 dB
  • Range of IFBW: 10 Hz~3 MHz
  • Supports Bias-Tees
  • Interface: LAN, USB Device, USB Host(USB-GPIB)
  • Remote control: SCPI/Labview/IVI based on USB-TMC/VXI-11/Socket/Telnet/WebServer
  • 12.1-inch touch screen
  • Video output: HDMI

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Product Characteristics

Low noise floor for accurate measurements with a wide dynamic range View more

Low noise floor for accurate measurements with a wide dynamic range

The SIGLENT SNA5000A series’ dynamic range can be up to 125 dB@10 Hz. Ideal for challenging measurements like simultaneous measurement of a filters in- and out-of-band transmission.

S-parameters and Balance Measurement View more

S-parameters and Balance Measurement

The large SNA display provides ample room for viewing multiple traces and formats including: Log Mag, Lin Mag, Phase, Delay, Smith, SWR, and Polar. Built for fast transmission/ reflection tracking, load match, and directivity analysis. Traces can be saved as references or adding limits for pass/fail tests to improve the efficiency during the antennas test and filter test.

Enhanced Time-Domain Analysis (TDR) View more

Enhanced Time-Domain Analysis (TDR)

SNA5000A VNAs support Enhanced Time Domain Analysis to measure impedance versus distance, to distinguish between inductive and capacitive transitions. With time-domain gating, we can isolate various sections of the fixture and see the effects in the frequency domain. Another application for TDR is fault-location for coaxial cables in cellular and CATV installations.

Embedding and De-Embedding View more

Embedding and De-Embedding

There is a great challenge in RF & Microwave area to eliminate the harmful fixture effects effectively. In most cases, the test result contains the features of effect, because the specific effect connected the test terminal of instrument and input terminal of the device during SMD testing. The SNA5000A applied kinds of methods to minimum the effect caused by fixture effect, includes port extension, port matching, port impedance conversion, de-embedding, adapter removal, etc.

Calibration Kit View more

Calibration Kit

SIGLENT offers a variety of calibration kits with the frequency range from DC to 9 GHz for both general purpose and precision-level requirements. Each of the Cal kits from SIGELNT includes all of the necessary short circuits, open circuits, loads and thru (SOLT) components required for proper testing, with the connectors of SMA and N. Other electronics test equipment manufacturers Cal kits are available in SNA5000A VNAs, and the importing of user-defined Cal kits are supported, saves the customers investment on calibration.

Large Display Small Footprint View more

Large Display Small Footprint

SNA5000A Vector Network Analyzers features a large touchscreen and user interface with a small footprint that makes it easy to use on the desktop and easier to move around the lab.

Standard Accessories

Power Cord

USB Cable

Quick Start Guide-SNA


Protective Cover

Protective plastic front cover SDS6000A SNA5000X series

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