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SIGLENT Technologies Expands the Addressable Frequency Range of its RF Instruments to Best Support Microwave Range

September 26, 2022

The SSA5000A Series Spectrum Analyzer and SSG5000A Series RF Generators Support K-Band Measurements Up to 26.5 GHz By: SIGLENT Technologies CLEVELAND – Sept. 26, 2022 –  Today, SIGLENT Technologies officially announces the release of two new members of its performance Series. The first is the SSA5000A spectrum analyzer, and the second is the SSG5000A RF/MW signal generator. These two new products … Continued

SIGLENT analyzers and RF generators added to TILE! compliance software

February 24, 2022

Cleveland, Ohio February 24, 2022: SIGLENT Technologies is happy to announce that our spectrum analyzers and RF signal sources have been integrated into the popular TILE! compliance software platform from ETS Lindgren. This is great news for compliance labs that want to use SIGLENT products for pre-compliance tests. This new addition lets them plug-and-play with … Continued

SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. successfully listed on The Shanghai Stock Exchange

December 2, 2021

  On December 1, 2021, SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. (“SIGLENT”, stock code: 688112.SH) was successfully listed on the sci-tech innovation board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE). SIGLENT has become the first company in the general electronic test and measurement instrument industry to list on the A-share market in China. Mr. Eric Qin, Founder, and … Continued

Congratulations! The SIGLENT SDS5000X Oscilloscope is a winner of 2019 World Electronics Achievements Awards

November 24, 2019

The World Electronics Achievement Awards (WEAA) honors companies and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the innovation and the development of the electronics industry worldwide. Over the past few weeks, ASPENCORE readers and online users from Asia, the US and Europe along with ASPENCORE global senior industry analysts participated in the judging process. In … Continued

Siglent Technologies strengthens its European operations

October 30, 2018

Siglent Technologies strengthens its European operations; expanding the staff and implementing a support and repair department in order to maintain fast and reliable customer services throughout Europe. Hamburg, October 2018: Siglent Technologies opened its first European office in 2013 and since then, has registered remarkable growth. In order to maintain the strong customer focus and … Continued

UT-Austin Selected SIGLENT Products to Outfit Labs

March 12, 2018

SIGLENT is proud to announce that the University of Texas at Austin, one of the top 10 engineering schools in the US, recently selected SIGLENT to outfit labs in the newly opened Cockrell School of Engineering. The recent purchase included SDG5000X, SDG2000X and SDG800 series function/arbitrary waveform generators; SDS2000X and SDS1000X-E series super phosphor oscilloscopes; … Continued

SIGLENT Picked as ACE Finalist

December 20, 2017

Siglent Technologies has been selected by judges, in partnership with EE TImes and EE Magazine, as a finalist in the 2017 Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) awards for test equipment. Siglent’s SDS1202X-E Digital Oscilloscopes was chosen as one of this year’s four finalists. The SDS1202X-E represents a new level of specifications and performance in a … Continued

SIGLENT Chosen as R&D 100 Award Finalist

August 3, 2015

Siglent SDG5000 & Easy Pulse Technology has been selected by an independent judging panel and the editors of R&D Magazine as a finalist for a 2015 R&D 100 Award in the Analytical/Test category. An R&D 100 Award recognizes the 100 most technologically significant products introduced in the past year. On behalf of the R&D staff, … Continued

SIGLENT technology awarded EDN China – ” Big Five ” Chinese innovation company of 2015

July 27, 2015

June 25, 2015 Shanghai – EDN Magazine China’s Innovation of the Year Award in Science and Technology has been awarded to “Five innovative companies in China.” These five companies include Gigadevices, SG Micro and, and Siglent Technologies. Siglent is proud to have received this prestigious award along with other world-wide award winners. EDN-China links to official news: This “Big Five” award for … Continued

Espinher becomes SIGLENT’s first authorized distributor in Mexico

July 12, 2015

Siglent Technologies is pleased to announce our first authorized distributor in Mexico, Espinher, located near Mexico City. Espinher describes themselves as, ”An electronic engineering developer for any industry that requires technology to improve a process. That means specific design, electronic circuit boards, instrumentation, defect detection and avoid, motor speed control and general electronic systems improvements.” … Continued