DC Electronic Load

Siglent SDL1000X series Programmable DC Electronic Load features an input range up to 150V/30A/300W. CC Dynamic mode frequency is up to 25 kHz. It delivers stability over a wide range of applications and can meet all kinds of testing requirements including: Power, battery & handheld device design, industry, LED lighting, automotive electronics.

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Siglent DC Electronic Loads
Provide Higher Accuracy and Dynamic Frequency for Your Design

Siglent Programmable DC Electronic Loads

SIGLENT’s Programmable DC Electronic Loads have much more stable performance. The accuracy is higher in same level loads and even in the basic model SDS1202X-E has a dynamic frequency of 25 kHz.

In addition, it gets abundant features including waveform trend chart, 4-wire SENSE compensation, list function, voltage/current monitor, external analog control.The test functions cover short-circuit test, battery test, CR-LED test, factory test, OCP test, and OPP test.



The SDL1000X includes a CR-LED mode specifically for LED driver testing. It can emulate the actual characteristics of an LED.

Program function

Auto-test function is especially useful in the designing battery charging circuitry.

4-wire SENSE compensation mode function

Using remote sense, you can measure the voltage at the DUTs input terminals, effectively removing the additional error due to the voltage drop in the connection wires.

Series Input voltage/current/power Mode CC Dynamic mode frequency Measuring speed Current Slew Rate Min. readback resolution Price
SDL1000X/X-E 150 V/30 A 300W CC/CV/CR/CP 25 kHz up to 500 kHz 0.001 A/us~2.5 A/us 0.1 mV, 0.1 mA $499 - $1,145

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