Handheld Oscilloscopes

The SIGLENT SHS800X and SHS1000X handheld oscilloscopes integrate oscilloscope, recorder and multimeter functions into a convenient and portable design. Weighing only 1.7 kg, the battery-powered SHS series can be used for field testing, automotive, R&D, and industrial maintenance.

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SHS800X and SHS1000X Series Handheld Oscilloscopes

The SHS X series of handheld digital oscilloscopes takes advantage of years of SIGLENT research and development. The design utilizes chipsets that are highly integrated, have low power consumption and a very small footprint. The lightweight SHS1000X handheld oscilloscope has two isolated channels, which can safely take the floating and differential measurement of two signals at the same time.

High Performance Oscilloscope:

The SHS X series includes up to 1 GSa/S real-time sampling rate, 200 MHz bandwidth and 12 Mpts memory depth, making them excellent high-performance portable oscilloscopes. They can observe complex waveforms and also improve work efficiency by combining powerful analysis and storage capabilities. Oscilloscope is dust and waterproof certified to IP51, proving it is capable of testing in a variety of harsh environments.

Data Recorder:

The SIGLENT SHS800X and SHS1000X series handheld oscilloscopes have a data recorder function that can continuously record waveforms for up to 22 hours at a sampling rate of 25 kSa/s. By using the USB Host interface on the front panel, you can save setup data, waveform data, waveform interface image, and CSV files to an external USB flash drive for convenient offline analysis.

Precision Multimeter:

The multimeter has a resolution of 6000 counts and offers many popular test functions, including voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, diode, continuity and other test items.

Trend plot:

You can draw a picture to display the changes of a parameter value (measured in oscilloscope or multimeter mode) in a specified period of to find the source of a problem quickly.

Five in one

Oscilloscope, DMM, data logger/recorder, Serial Trigger and decode and FFT spectrum analysis

Standard Serial trigger and decode

Standard Serial trigger and decode: IIC, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN, widely used in automotive and embedded industries.

Full Isolated/Floating inputs

Chassis isolation (SHS800X and SHS1000X) and channel isolation (SHS1000X only) enable floating measurements

Series Bandwidth Channels Real Time
Sampling Rate
Multimeter Isolation Level Memory Depth Price
SHS1000X 100, 200 MHz 2 1 GSa/s Voltage, current, resistance and other eight common functions 1000 V CAT II, 600 V CAT III 12 Mpts $1,899 - $2,399
SHS800X 100, 200 MHz 2 1 GSa/s Voltage, current, resistance and other eight common functions None 12 Mpts $979 - $1,279

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