Each SIGLENT product sold has passed quality and calibration testing prior to leaving the manufacturing floor. Each instrument comes with a Certificate of Calibration that is traceable to an NMI (NIST in the USA, NIM in China, etc..).

Here is a sample of our Certificate of Calibration:


In early 2020, we revised our calibration certificates to reflect an extension to the calibration interval to adjust for time spent in a warehouse/storage:

Here is the new statement:

SIGLENT has determined that the factory calibration of this instrument is not significantly affected by storage of up to 180 days before first-time use. Cal Interval should start at the time the unit is placed in service or 180 days past the “Date of Calibration” on the certificate received with the unit.

Here is an example of the full statement and calculations for determining the validity of the certificate:

Calibration Certificate Interval Amendment 2020


2023 Amendment: Further, in 2023 we added an additional storage rider for certain models that are unaffected by storage of up to 18 months before being put into service. Here is the official amendment:

Calibration Certificate Interval Amendment 2023



Additional calibration methods and reporting is available both before and after purchase. Please contact us for more details.





Many of our probes also come with calibration certificates.

This includes the following models:



CP6030, CP6030A



DPB5150, DPB5150A

DPB5700, DPB5700A



Here is an example of a probe calibration certificate:

SIGLENT DPB Sample Calibration Certificate


Additional Services

SIGLENT Technologies America is proud to partner with Transcat for customer-required calibration services. Transcat
has 17 modern certified calibration labs located across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Their labs can perform various levels of calibration and certification including NIST-traceable, ISO/IEC 17025, etc.

For more information please visit: