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SIGLENT Technologies upgrade the most popular spectrum analyzer to SSA3000X Plus series

September 17, 2019

Along with a new Spectrum & Vector Network Analyzer SVA1032X, SIGLENT also introduce another Spectrum Analyzer series. The SSA3000X Plus series has 2.1 GHz and 3.2 GHz models. It has enhanced RF specifications, expanded functionality and a 10.1-inch touch screen. The new series keep the perfect cost-performance ratio and reliability of the highly successful SSA3000X … Continued

SIGLENT Technologies adds Electronic DC-Loads to their existing Range of Products

June 17, 2019

The introduction of the SDL1000X/X-E Series of programmable, Electronic Loads brings Siglent value to battery and power supply Engineers. The newly presented E-Loads feature an input range of up-to 150V/30A and are available in 200 or 300 Watt versions. These versatile instruments fit perfectly in static and dynamic testing of power supplies, embedded power designs … Continued

SIGLENT Technologies presents a new Flagship Oscilloscope

January 28, 2019

The new SDS5000X series is available with a bandwidth up-to 1 GHz, a maximum sample rate of 5 GS/s, and a maximum acquisition memory of 250 Mpts. It features powerful data analysis and measurement features and is well equipped to solve the complex challenges of embedded circuit design.   January 2019: SIGLENT Technologies is excited … Continued

SIGLENT Announces the Release of SDS2000X-E Series Super Phosphor Oscilloscopes

December 21, 2018

ShenZhen, December 10, 2018:  SIGLENT Technologies has announced the release of their new SDS2000X-E Series Super Phosphor Oscilloscopes. Compared with the previous X-series products, the SDS2000X-E series employ the newest generation of SPO technology.  Exhibiting excellent signal fidelity, the background noise is lower than similar products in the industry. The features and high-performance of the SDS2000X-E … Continued

SIGLENT Announces the Release of SVA1015X  Spectrum & Vector Analyzer

June 27, 2018

ShenZhen, June 28, 2018:  SIGLENT Technologies has announced the release of the SVA1015X  spectrum & vector analyzer. Its measurement frequency range is 9 kHz-1.5 GHz, and it has excellent parameter specifications: resolution bandwidth (RBW) as low as 1 Hz, display average noise level (DANL) as low as -156 dBm/Hz, phase noise as low as -99 dBc/Hz … Continued

SIGLENT IntroducesNew 16 V/8 A DC Power Supply – SPD1168X

May 28, 2018

ShenZhen, May 28, 2018 SIGLENT Technologies has announced the release of its new 16 V/8 A DC power supply, the SPD1168X Highlights: Single Output: 0 – 16 V / 8 A High-Resolution: 1 mV/1 mA Low Ripple: ≤ 350 uVrms/3 mVpp More Resolution and Accuracy The SPD1168X programmable DC power supply includes set-point resolution ofup to … Continued