SIGLENT SDS7000A Introduction Promotion

December 7, 2023

The SIGLENT SDS7000A is our newest solution for high fidelity design and debug applications in automotive, semiconductor and power electronics. It adopts a high performance 12-bit ADC and an excellent front-end design that combines low noise and improved accuracy with updated visualization and analysis tools.

For a limited time, SIGLENT will be offering many of these visualization and analysis tools as free upgrades in a special launch promotion:

For any SDS7000A oscilloscope purchased between Nov.15, 2023 and June.30, 2024, the following options will be permanently enabled free of charge. This includes all of the serial decode options, power analysis, embedded waveform generation, and the MSO option (logic probe required). Save up to $7,800.

Option Description Price
SDS7000A-FG 50 MHz built-in function generator $740
SDS7000A-16LA MSO function (software), use with SPL2016 probe $1,020
SDS7000A-PA Power Analysis: Power Quality, Current Harmonics, Inrush Current, Switching Loss, Slew Rate, Modulation, Output Ripple, Turn On/Off, Transient Response, PSRR, Efficiency $1,640
SDS7000A-I2S I2S trigger & decode $550
SDS7000A-1553B MIL-STD-1553B trigger & decode $550
SDS7000A-FlexRay FlexRay trigger & decode $550
SDS7000A-CANFD CAN FD trigger & decode $550
SDS7000A-SENT SENT trigger & decode $550
SDS7000A-Manch Manchester decode $550
SDS7000A-ARINC ARINC429 trigger & decode (software) $550
SDS7000A-USB2 USB 2.0 decode (software) $550


Important Information:

*This is a limited time promotion for valuable SIGLENT customers, the promotion valid 15th of November 2023 through 30th of June 2024 with purchase of a new SDS7000A Series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes only.

*No other discounts or promotions apply.

*This promotion is only available in North America Area