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Waveform Generators

SIGLENT Serial Number Format

September 1, 2022

Starting in 2017, SIGLENT has been using this format for serial numbers for instrumentation:

Common Fuse Information

February 9, 2022

Fuses are a common circuit element and are key to protecting from overvoltage and overcurrent situations that can damage important circuits. Fuse markings are typically stamped symbols located on the metal cap of the fuse. Here is a helpful guide to common fuse markings used with instrumentation, taking a common fuse type as an example: … Continued

How to delete files from the internal memory for SDG6000X arbitrary function generators

December 7, 2021

SIGLENT SDG arbitrary waveform generators can store a number of arbitrary waveform files in their internal memory. You can manually delete them using the Store/Recall button on the front panel. To delete them remotely you can send the following SCPI command: DEL_STORE_FILE filename.bin Where filename.bin is the filename you wish to remove. Here is an example … Continued

Typical SDG6000X Phase Noise

November 8, 2021

Phase Noise Phase noise is the random fluctuations of the phase of a signal in the frequency domain. Jitter is a similar measurement in the time domain. They are both caused by the random thermal fluctuations of the oscillator used as a timing reference in measurement instruments, signal sources, and other circuits that rely on … Continued

Do your instruments support UDP communications over LAN?

August 5, 2021

Not at this time. Many instruments support communication via sockets (port 5025) and telnet (port 5024) but the port numbers cannot be changed. If you use VISA, you can implement LAN via TCP/IP, which does not need a port number. Here is a listing of current SIGLENT instruments with Socket and Telnet Support.

SDG available waveform lengths

July 29, 2021

The SDG series of arbitrary waveform generators allow you to create any function you wish. Here are the memory depths available for building arbs for each model:

How to check available internal memory?

July 29, 2021

Simply access the Save/Recall menu for the instrument in question and select Local. The menu will show used/total amounts. Here, the SDG6X has approximately 83 MB and the SDG1X has 85 MB of memory: