Comparison/Differences in SDS1000X-U and SDS1000X-E oscilloscope models

December 8, 2021

The four-channel SIGLENT SDS1000X-E models (SDS1104X-E and SDS1204X-E models) and SDS1000X-U oscilloscopes are based on very similar digital platforms and share many features. They do have some differences that could be important for you to understand prior to selecting the proper product for your application.

Here are the major differences (Note XE is used to represent SDS1104/SDS1204X-E models and XU is used for the SDS1104X-U model):

  • 500 uV/div minimum vertical scale (XE) vs. 1 mV/div (XU)


  • Qty 2 Analog-to-digital converters (XE) vs. Qty 1 Analog-to-digital converter (X-U):

XEs can maintain a higher sample rate with all four channels active. 500 MSa/s, four channels active (XE) vs. 250 MSa/s four-channels active (X-U)


  • Qty 2 14 MPt memory modules (XE) vs. Qty 1 14 MPt memory module (X-U):

XEs have more data points per channel in some cases. 14 MPts per channel when (CH1 or CH2) AND (CH3 or CH4) are active (XE), 7 MPts per channel when

(CH1 and CH2) AND/OR (CH3 and CH4) (XE) vs. 14 MPts per channel for one channel active (XU), 7 MPts per channel  when two, three, or four channels are active (XU)


  • Onscreen Bode Plot control and graphing (XE) vs. None (XU)


  • Optional External Function Generator Control (XE) vs. None (XU)


  • Optional 16 channel logic/MSO feature (XE) vs. None (XU)


  • Web browser control (XE) vs. None (XU)

Web browser control provides a download-free remote computer control via LAN.


  • 1 Mpt FFT (XE) vs. 128 kPt FFT (XU):

More data points provide better frequency resolution.