Generating an Activation Code (Option Code)

January 18, 2018


Many SIGLENT products have options that can be activated by entering a special activation code into the front panel.

This note covers how to generate the activation code.



  • Contact your Authorized SIGLENT sales office or distributor to obtain an Option Card. This is typically a document that is emailed as a PDF.

A typical Option Card will contain the following information:




This is the official SIGLENT website for generating activation codes.


  • Select the Device Type (Product Model Family)


  • Select the Option Type (The option card you purchased)


  • Enter the Serial Number of the instrument you wish to add the option to


  • Enter the Authorization Code from the Option Card (example circled below).


  • Press Submit. This will generate the Option Key which can be entered into the instrument and permanently activate the option.


NOTE: See the specific instrument user’s manual for instructions on entering option codes