Oscilloscope Feature and Options Table

January 11, 2022

SIGLENT has a number of oscilloscopes to help fit your application needs and budget.

Here is a table of features and options of our most powerful oscilloscopes to help decide what is best for you.

S – Standard, included

O – Optional

FeatureSDS2000X-ESDS2000X PlusSDS5000XSDS6000A
ADC per analog input
Bode Plot/Frequency Analysis (1)SSSS
Measurement Histogram/TrendingSSS
Probe adapters (LPA10/LeCroy, TPA10/Tek)OO
Serial Decoding (RS232/UART, CAN/LIN, SPI, I2C)SSSS
10-bit resolution modeS
10 MHz in/outS
Web browser remote controlSSSS
Zone triggersSSS
AWG/Function Generator (2)OOOO
Bandwidth UpgradesOOO
Eye Diagram/Jitter AnalysisO
Mixed Signal/MSO/Digital LogicOOOO
Power AnalysisOOO
Optional Serial Decoding
(CAN-FD, MIL-1553B, I2S, Flexray, SENT, Manchester)

 (1) – Bode requires a SIGLENT SAG, SDG, or internal function generator to operate

 (2) – Requires SIGLENT SAG hardware and activation license. The SDS2X Plus series has an internal function generator but still requires activation.

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SDS2000X Plus