Siglent Delivers Four Channel SPD4000X DC Power Supply with higher power supports expanded scientific and industrial applications

June 27, 2024

June 28th, 2024: SIGLENT releases the SPD4000X series programmable linear DC power supply. This series includes three models, with the minimum resolution of 1mV/1mA and four independent programmable outputs, and the total output power is 240W, 285W or 400W. CH2&CH3 can be connected in series or in parallel by one-click to output more voltage or current. The included 4-wire remote voltage compensation sense function can compensate up to 0.6V voltage to ensure the stability and accuracy of the voltage at the device under test. The SPD4000X series power supply is an ideal tool for device testing, and can be widely used in new energy, manufacturing, wireless communications, consumer electronics, laboratories and other fields. The SPD4000X series adds higher power, flexibility, accuracy, and a fourth channel to our popular line of linear DC power supplies.

Higher Resolution and Accuracy

The SPD4000X supports five-digit voltage and five-digit current display with excellent setting and read back resolution of 1mV/1mA. Four output channels can be independently controlled and turned on or off simultaneously. Series and parallel functions allow two channels combined into one output with more power output capability. SPD4306X can output 60V/6A in series, and SPD4121X can output 12V/20A in parallel.

Real-time waveform display

The SPD4000X series is equipped with a 4.3-inch true color TFT-LCD display. Four channels of voltage and current waveform run chart can be set, users can observe the waveform run chart through the colors corresponding to the channels to understand the output status of the four channels.

List Operation

By editing the single-step setting value and duration, the list function can generate multiple sequences to meet complex test requirements. Users can edit the sequence by 50 steps, with 8 sets of built-in list sequence files. Voltage, Current, Time, etc. can be set directly in each List, which can be excellent for simulating a variety of voltage and current states such as sudden rise and fall, interruption. For complex waveforms that are not easy to edit, List sequence files can be imported via USB for list output to quickly improve test efficiency. List time accuracy <50 ms, setting resolution 1 ms, with fast voltage rise/fall time and very short voltage change time can meet the user’s fine requirements for pulse voltage testing.

Fast output response time

Output response is the instantaneous change of output voltage when the load current changes dynamically. Output response time is the time required for the voltage to return to the set range when the load current suddenly changes.The SPD4000X series achieves fast output response time of < 50us, enabling fast compensation for output voltage changes.

Voltage compensation sense function

CH2 and CH3 can use the included 4 wire sense mode, which can automatically compensate for the voltage drop of the positive and negative output lines, ensuring that the voltage at the remote device to be tested is equal to the set voltage of the power supply. It can realize the maximum compensation voltage of 0.6V in high precision test or long cable test.

Save/Recall Settings Parameters

The SPD4000X series allows users to save multiple types of files to local or external memory for later recall. It supports saving of output voltage/current values, independent/series/parallel output mode, and can take a screen shot by long pressing the Save/Recall key in any state, which is very beneficial for capturing dynamic test conditions.

Powerful Web Control

The power supply includes USB and LAN communication interfaces as standard and a USB-GPIB converter module as optional. The embedded Web Server enables control and monitor of the power supply directly from a web browser, eliminating the need to install software drivers or applications.