SIGLENT technology awarded EDN China – ” Big Five ” Chinese innovation company of 2015

July 27, 2015

June 25, 2015 Shanghai – EDN Magazine China’s Innovation of the Year Award in Science and Technology has been awarded to “Five innovative companies in China.” These five companies include Gigadevices, SG Micro and, and Siglent Technologies. Siglent is proud to have received this prestigious award along with other world-wide award winners.

EDN-China links to official news:

This “Big Five” award for innovative companies is to “reward good products and technology related field…the most innovative companies in China, Siglent Technologies deserves this award.”

In the field of general purpose test and measurement, only continue to innovate in order to survive

Siglent attaches great importance to and fully committed to the practice of science and technology research and innovation. Siglent has a strong comprehensive strength of science and technology of test and measurement equipment research and development team consists of more than 90 specialized research and development engineers, company research and development funds for more than a year year total sales of 15%, which is the company’s strategic principles. Siglent technology history is a history of innovation, innovation for Siglent technology to win great achievements:2005 year, Siglent technology original EasyHunting Siglent patented technology enables digital products than other same level of digital oscilloscope oscilloscope triggering accuracy 2- 4 Times; 2010 Years, Siglent technology SDS1000CF 300M Four-channel digital oscilloscope SME technology innovation fund of the State support; 2011 Years, Siglent technology launched SHS1000 Oscilloscope Series isolation, breaking the monopoly of overseas peers in the field to fill the gap; 2014 Year 5 Months, launched China’s first Siglent technology WINDOWS Operating systems of smart oscilloscope SDS3000 Series, laid the Siglent technology in China’s leadership in high-performance Oscilloscopes ; These technologies and product advantages are all filled with the spirit of innovation Refers not only to the technical level of innovation, the innovation of marketing models and thinking patterns is also included:

2015 is Siglent technology boutique year, Siglent technology will be launched several blockbuster products, let us witness the power of innovation.


SIGLENT is an international high-tech company, concentrating on R&D, sales, production and services of test &measurement Instruments.

SIGLENT began to research and develop the Digital Oscilloscope independently in 2002. After a decade of development products have included digital oscilloscopes, isolated handheld oscilloscopes, function/arbitrary waveform generators, digital multimeters, DC power supplies, spectrum analyzers, and other general purpose test instrumentation. Since SIGLENTs first oscilloscope, the ADS 7000 series produced in 2005, SIGLENT has maintained a high annual growth rate and has been the fastest developing DSO manufacturer over the past 10 years. Today, SIGLENT Technologies is the leading manufacturer of oscilloscopes by shipments in China.