Adding IQ Modulation to the SDG6000X AWG

March 1, 2018

The SIGLENT SDG6000X series of Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG) have the ability to source IQ  modulated waveforms with the option SDG6000X-IQ.

To activate the IQ  capabilities:

  1. Purchase the SDG6000X-IQ option from your nearest SIGLENT Authorized distributor or direct office. Follow the directions to create an activation code.

2. Power on the generator and press the Waveforms button on the front panel:


3. Press Page to go to page 2/2:


4. Press the IQ symbol:


5. This will bring up an on-screen keypad. You can use the scroll wheel or touch screen to select the characters for the activation license generated in Step 1.


6. Press Save and you can start generating IQ modulated waveforms!