SPD1000X Over Current Protection (OCP) function added in Firmware Revision

March 15, 2022

Over Current Protection (OCP) has been added to the SIGLENT SPD1000X series of single-channel power supplies with the SPD version

The OCP function quickly disables the output when the current draw from the supply surpasses the set limit current.

  1. Update the firmware
  2. Set the OCP value by pressing and holding the FINE button on the front panel. After a few seconds, the OCP label will appear:


3. Set the OCP current value using the knob and right/left arrows to adjust.

4. Long press the FINE button to remove the OCP menu selection.

5. If the output exceeds the setpoint, the instrument will immediately disable the output and briefly show an error:


Here is an oscilloscope trace showing a shorted output causing an overcurrent situation (OCP triggered):