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We are proud of our company-wide dedication to customer satisfaction. We Strive to add continuous value to existing product lines with additional features through free firmware and software updates. Find out how these updates have impacted our customers.

SIGLENT Update: Adding TrueArb to SDG1000X Series


Most modern arbitrary waveform generators are built using Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technologies. Traditional DDS techniques are very useful for sourcing many waveforms, but as the output frequency increases, the waveform can lose horizontal resolution resulting in loss of waveform fidelity. The end result may be that the output waveform may differ from the actual waveform design.


SIGLENTs TrueArb technology ensures that the output waveform matches the programmed waveform exactly and provides the ability to control the output rate by setting the samples/second exactly. First introduced on the mid-range SDG2000X series, TrueArb has been extended to the SDG1000X family of generators with firmware revision released on 2/25/2019.

SIGLENT Update: Bode II


Frequency response curves, or Bode plots, can be useful for characterization of RF components, cabling, and phase/gain analysis of power supply designs. Typical frequency response curves can be generated using network analyzers, but this can be expensive. Another option is to use an oscilloscope and function generator, but this process generally involves creating a software program to control and synchronize the data collection and viewing.


With firmware revision 6.1.20 released on 1/02/2018, SIGLENT integrated Bode plotting into the 4 channel SDS1000X-E and SDS2000X-E oscilloscopes. This provides automatic control and synchronization with any SIGLENT SDG or SAG series of generators for on-screen Bode plotting.

Revision 6.1.33 released on 5/5/2019 added variable level sweep control and other features to provide even more control and flexibility for customers performing phase/gain analysis on power supply designs.

SIGLENT Update: VNA updates


SIGLENTs first Vector Network Analyzer instrument was the SVA1015X incorporated a swept-superheterodyne spectrum analyzer together with vector network analysis (S11, S21). This combination of measurement capabilities extended the analyzer capabilities and made a very portable RF troubleshooting too, but it didn’t have some of the features available on more expensive dedicated analyzers.


After advanced beta testing, SIGLENT released a new firmware update for the SVA1015X series (version released 06/01/2019) started off by adding port extensions, user calibration selection, and markers for the VNA measurements. This trend continues to the latest release (version released 11/11/2019) with optimized calibration, sweep speed, and simultaneous trace types increase the SVA ease-of-use and power.