The SPD4000X series programmable linear DC power supply is equipped with a 4.3-inch TFT-LCD display, friendly human-machine interface, and excellent performance indicators. Real-time waveform display provides engineers with an informative user interface. The SPD4000X series consists of three models with up to four independent outputs with rated output voltage values of 32V, 12V, or 30V and the total output power of 240W, 285W or 400W. The minimum resolution can be set to 1mV/1mA. The SPD4000X is equipped with overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection for device protection. Together, these capabilities make the SPD4000X a high precision, low noise, and highly reliable power solution suitable for use from production to research. The instrument is also equipped with LAN/USB communication interface and remote web page control function to meet different application scenarios.

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CH1: Voltage 0 to 15 V;Current 0 to 1.5 A

CH2: Voltage 0 to 30 V;Current 0 to 6 A

CH3: Voltage 0 to 30 V;Current 0 to 6 A

CH4: Voltage 0 to 15 V;Current 0 to 1 A

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