Application Notes

Spectrum Analyzers

Testing Open Socket Communications Using PuTTY

October 19, 2017

Many instruments include the ability to be controlled via a remote connection to a computer using an Ethernet connection. In many cases, these instruments require a special software library that can help establish and maintain the communications link between the instrument and controlling computer. This can be annoying for a few reasons… the software library … Continued

Build AM NRSC masks for SIGLENT SSA3000X/SVA1015Xs using a Python script

October 19, 2017

Many broadcast applications require monitoring a transmitter and observing the output amplitude vs. frequency. For AM radio applications, a common mask is defined by the National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC) and is commonly referred to as the AM NRSC mask. Table 1 shows the general analog AM NRSC-2-B mask values around a center frequency (fc). … Continued

Measuring Filter Characteristics Using the SSA3000X/SVA1015X Spectrum Analyzer

October 19, 2017

A filter is a universal, two-port, frequency-selective device used in a wide variety of electronic circuits and applications. A low-pass filter is one which passes signals with a frequency lower than a certain cut-off frequency while attenuating the higher frequencies. Low-pass filters are often used in radio transmitters, audio devices, and communication systems. They can … Continued

Verification of a working remote communications connection using NI – MAX

September 29, 2017

Automating a test can dramatically increase the productivity, throughput, and accuracy of a process. Automating a setup involves connecting a computer to the test instrumentation using a standard communications bus like USB or LAN and then utilizing code entered via a software layer (like LabVIEW, .NET, Python, etc..) to sequence the specific instrument commands and … Continued