SDS1004XE series web browser password and user name

August 15, 2018

The SIGLENT SDS1004X-E series of oscilloscopes features a web browser that provides easy remote control and monitoring of the scope using a LAN connection.

The web browser can be password protected to help control access.

Here are the steps to configure and enable this feature:

  1. Connect the oscilloscope to a working LAN
  2. Check the IP address of the scope by pressing UTILITY > press Next Page until you are on page 2/4 > I/O > IP Set


3. Open a web browser on a computer that is connected to the same LAN as the scope and enter the address in the address bar. This will open up the web browser on the instrument:


4. Click on LAN Configuration and select “Yes” under the Use Password text field.


5. Press Modify Settings and enter your password in both text boxes:



6. Now, when you attempt to log in (click Instrument Control, for example), the instrument will ask you for the User Name and Password.


User Name: admin

Password: The character string you entered previously


7. Now, you have full access to the instrument: