Operating Tips

Digital Oscilloscopes

LAN setup on a SDS1000 Series

September 1, 2023

This operating tip shows how to setup the LAN configuration on the SDS1000 scopes like the A, DL+, or CML+ series. Firstly, press the button(1) and rotate the knob(2), which will select using DHCP or not. And press Save/Recall button to save the IP settings. (I am using DHCP and the IP address is (You … Continued

NTP Synchronization SDS1004X-E

August 29, 2023

Operating Tips – NTP Synchronization SDS1004X-E   The SDS1000X-E oscilloscope series supports date and time settings to allow data to be saved with the correct time of day. When it is necessary for multiple instruments to have the same date and time setting, it is convenient to synchronize the instruments to an NTP server. The … Continued

Saving and Recalling a Bode II Setup

October 5, 2022

Many SIGLENT oscilloscopes, including the SDS1104/1204X-E, SDS2000X-E, SDS2000X Plus, SDS2000X HD, SDS5000X, and SDS6000A series feature the built-in Bode II automated Bode plotting feature. When coupled with a SIGLENT SDG series generator or SAG external AWG, the scope/generator combo can be used to produce frequency response curves on many circuit elements and components as well as … Continued

Adding and editing trace labels

August 22, 2022

The SIGLENT SDS2000X Plus, SDS2000X HD, SDS5000X, and SDS6000A series of oscilloscopes feature trace labels that can be edited by the user. This can make it much easier to differentiate traces on the display as well as in saved images of the display for reporting, etc.. In this tip, we will show you how to … Continued

SDS6000A Typical Noise Floor

June 24, 2022

Here are the typically expected noise floor numbers for the SDS6000A Oscilloscope: Note: Uses StdDev measurement @ 5 GSa/s, 10 MPts/ch

Common Fuse Information

February 9, 2022

Fuses are a common circuit element and are key to protecting from overvoltage and overcurrent situations that can damage important circuits. Fuse markings are typically stamped symbols located on the metal cap of the fuse. Here is a helpful guide to common fuse markings used with instrumentation, taking a common fuse type as an example: … Continued

RoHS compliance

December 28, 2021

Many SIGLENT products are RoHS compliant to EU 2015/863. This is also known as RoHS 3 Check the datasheet for the product in question to find more information.

Cross-reference of Oscilloscope Serial Decoding equivalents to Tektronixs MDO3 packages

December 3, 2021

Here is a cross-reference of SIGLENT oscilloscope serial decoding features compared to the Tektronics MDO3 options: Tek MDO3MSO: 16 channel logic analyzer function. The SIGLENT equivalent is optional license SDSxxxx-16LA, where xxxx represents the model (SDS1000X-E, SDS2000X-E, SDS2000X Plus, SDS5000X, or SDS6000A series of oscilloscopes) and hardware (SPL2016 for SDS2000X Plus, SDS5000X, and SDS6000A series/SLA1016 … Continued

SDS2000X Plus 500 MHz bandwidth upgrade details

December 1, 2021

The SIGLENT SDS2000X Plus and SDS2000X HD series of oscilloscopes have a 500 MHz bandwidth upgrade option (Click SDS2XP 500 MHz BW  or SDS2000X HD 500 MHz BW to find out more). 500MHz bandwidth is available in the following cases: Only one active channel (C1 or C2 or C3 or C4) Two channels (Either C1 … Continued