Operating Tips

Spectrum Analyzers

Enable EMI mode with SSA3021X SSA3032X models

January 22, 2021

On SSA3021X and SSA3032X models, you can enable the EMI specific settings by: Activate the EMI filter by pressing BW > Set Filter to EMI -The Gaussian filter has a filter shape defined at 3 dB. The EMI filter has it’s shape defined at 6 db. 2. When the EMI filter is selected, the EMI … Continued

Updated Frequency Uncertainty Calculations (SSA, SSA Plus, SVA)

August 26, 2020

Currently listed datasheet calculation for SSA Frequency Uncertainty is being updated, but as of 08/26/2020, it has not.  Here is the new calculation: We can use below new specification: ± (frequency indication × frequency reference uncertainty + 1/2(span/(sweep points-1)) + 10% × resolution bandwidth + marker resolution)   For example: The frequency indication is 500 … Continued

Which values do I enter for antenna correction factors on my spectrum analyzer?

December 27, 2019

If you have an antenna with calibration data, chances are it includes a number of columns of data. One column should be the frequency being tested. The others can include free-range performance, gain, and more. For reference, Antenna Factor (or correction factor) is defined as the ratio of the incident Electromagnetic Field to the output voltage … Continued

SVA1000X series Port 1 input damage limits for reflected/S11/VSWR measurements

December 12, 2019

Port 1 of the SIGLENT SVA1000X Series of Vector Network Analyzers is used as the output for the tracking generator as well as the S11/Reflected energy port. The damage threshold is approximately +20 dBm and this port does not feature any “over-limit” warning. When measuring VSWR/Reflected energy/S11 on antennas or devices that may be able … Continued

SVA Options: How do I know what is activated/available?

October 1, 2019

The SIGLENT SVA series of analyzer instruments are very flexible platforms that offer a number of different functions that can be activated. New instruments are delivered with over 100 hours of trial time for each option, allowing users to try the options before purchasing them. The trial timer is running while the instrument is powered … Continued

How to configure the SVA1X for complex impedance measurements

August 21, 2019

The SIGLENT SVA1X series is a multi-purpose RF measurement instrument. This operating tip shows you how to quickly configure the Vector Network mode to show a Smith chart displaying complex impedance: VNA mode – Press Mode > VNA   Set Meas type as S11 or S21   Set Format – Smith   Select R + … Continued