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Vector Network Analysis Component Characterization

RF component and system characterization is critical to emerging test requirements for all connected electronics. Whether designing products for IoT, WiFi, Bluetooth, or 5G analyzing and understanding the challenges and capabilities of the RF design are central to product design and success. SIGLENT's expanding solution portfolio for RF test requirements can grow with your application needs to extend into new frequencies and more complex characterization while providing quality, capability, and value.

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Mixer Measurements up to millimeter wave


Engineers often need to evaluate mixer performance, including conversion loss, phase and group delay, the 1 dB compensation point, isolation between ports and port VSWR. Phase and group delay can be measured with a VNA equipped with Vector Mixer Measurement function. While the others can be achieved with Scalar Mixer Measurement function. In this application note, we give brief introduction about scalar measurements.

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The SNA5000A is a complete 2 and 4 port Vector Network Analyzer

  • Up to 26.5 GHz
  • 125 dB dynamic range
  • Complete S-Parameters
  • Pulse Measurements
  • TDR Measurements
  • Mixer Measurements
  • Mechanical and E-Cal Solutions

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Watch the Signal Path SNA5000A Experiment Video

RF Accessories - Extending Capability

SEM5000A E-Calibration Modules

Speed & Simplify Calibration on your SIGLENT Network Analyzer


SSM5000A RF Matrix Switch

RF Switch Matrix with up to 4 inputs and 24 outputs up to 26.5 GHz. Get the most out of your Network and Spectrum Analyzers with a controllable RF switch system


SSM5000A datasheet

SSU5000A RF Mechanical Switch

Add Mechanical RF switch packages to simplify complex connections and optimize setup. With up to 4 SPDT or 2 SP6T switches in a package and frequencies up to 50 GHz, quickly configure and test complex RF systems


E-Calibration Video



SEM5000A series electronic calibration (ECal) modules simplify calibration and error correction using the SHA850A series, SVA1000X series, and SNA5000A series vector network analyzers from SIGLENT. The SEM5000A series is simple, fast, efficient, accurate, and widely applicable.


Noise Figure measurements are another key measurement tool for RF Systems.
Learn more about making these measurements with SIGLENT Spectrum Analyzers in this detailed 40 page guide
Download the Noise Figure Measurement Guide


RF Signal Source

Companion products to signal and network analyzers. These RF Signal Sources provide clean CW and modulated signals for your test needs.

SSG models can be used with the Mixer measurement capability in the SNA5000A as an LO input up to 40 GHz.

SSG3000X-IQE and SSG5000X-V models have IQ modulation. SSG6000A models have lowest phase noise: -135 dBc/Hz @ 1 GHz

SSG5000A side angle viewSSG5000X Signal Generators

Learn More about SIGLENT RF Signal Sources Here

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TDR Video

The SNA5000A’s complete, enhanced TDR test mode enables a statistical modeling of signal response to an established digital communication method. The user can set the noise, levels, and bit rate of the test signal and the TDR measurements visually shows the outcome of an eye diagram measurement. Standard and customizable Eye Mask tests are included. Test the complete system for throughput, bandwidth, and noise characteristics by injecting jitter into the described test signal.

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You can also find our TDR probes including the differential 26.5 GHz probe shown here.

2 Port Network Analysis

Spectrum and Network Analyzers can also characterize 2 port devices like filters, attenuators, and amplifiers. Spectrum Analyzers with a built in directional coupler can operate as a 2 port; 1 path network analyzer to make measurements including S21 and S11 as well as Distance To Fault and SWR. Learn more about using these advanced VNA modes to get more out of your spectrum analyzer.

Filter Measurement App Note

Smith Charts, S-Parameters, and more

Find the SIGLENT Resources you need to find the best instrument for your application


Amplifier Test Setup for IMD


One of the most important characterization steps on an amplifier is the IMD or Intermodulation Distortion test. Utilize an analyzer and a signal generator to combine measurements and test an amplifier.

Follow the complete guide here


Learn More about SIGLENT Instruments for RF Vector Network Analysis

SNA5000A Series Vector Network Analyzers

2 and 4 port Vector Network Analyzers up to 26.5 GHz

SHA850A Series Portable Spectrum Analyzers

VNA (S11,S21) and cable test modes for outdoor and handheld applications

SSA3000X-R Real Time Spectrum Analysis

Characterize dynamic signals with real-time bandwidth and test S11 and S21 parameters with VNA capabilities

SSA3000X-R Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers